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Organize a wedding without booking a wedding planner in Spain

There are many couples that plans their wedding without hiring a Wedding Planner in Spain. When I got married myself we did not use a planner and our wedding was just like we wished for! If you have the time and the contacts to plan your own wedding, you will probably learn a lot of event […]

Wedding budget template for free

Personally we love Excel to create our budgets. We use excel for everything and anything. Creating budgets or even creating timelines or guests lists. We love it because you can quickly get back to the information you are looking for.  However, we understand that not everybody loves excel. This is the reason why we created […]

Covid-19 and weddings in Spain

We never dreamt of that we would write about the Coronavirus and weddings in Spain, but this is a topic that many people think about these days. What to do with the wedding when affected by the Coronavirus? In Spain, several people have gotten the virus and been hospitalized. Many people infected explain that the symptons can […]

Wedding planner in Spain

Your Scandinavian wedding planner in Spain! Since Emma has been living in Spain since 2012, she has found only the best suppliers so that we can create the best feeling of a luxury wedding on the Sun Coast. Ever since the year 2012, Emma has loved every single moment to plan others' weddings in Spain. […]

Bohemian wedding in Malaga

In fact, we have almost lost count of how many wonderful weddings in Malaga we have been involved in. At least we have over 50 created weddings since the year of 2012. A beautiful bohemian wedding in Malaga On a beautiful day in September, a wedding in Malaga is celebrated. The style is bohemian lux, […]

Tips for Wedding planning in Marbella

Being a wedding planner in Marbella is actually incredibly exciting! In fact, of the tasks of a wedding planner is to be present on the actual wedding day. This also means to find completely new places for celebration. After several years, and a whole lot of driving around. We have found over 50 different places […]

Wedding planner in Marbella, do you really need it?

What do you get for booking a wedding planner instead of doing everything yourself? After several years, a wedding planner in Marbella has quality assured everyone who will work at your wedding! It can be difficult to translate Spanish contracts, but not if you have a Spanish-speaking wedding planner. A professional knows the process and […]

Wedding in Spain and 3 questions for the wedding planner

HOW CAN WE FIND THE PERFECT PLACE FOR OUR WEDDING IN SPAIN WHEN WE DON'T LIVE THERE? To have a wedding in Spain, it is nice if you can travel down to see the place. On the other hand, if you do not have the opportunity to travel before the wedding day, we can travel […]

Your Wedding Planner Abroad

Many couple asks: "Why book a wedding planner abroad, can we not do everything ourselves?" A wedding planner in Spain works almost like your travel agent, if you have used it before. You write to us what you want to book, what feelings you want to experience, how much you want to spend and and […]

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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