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Your Wedding Planner Abroad

Many couple asks:

"Why book a wedding planner abroad, can we not do everything ourselves?"

A wedding planner in Spain works almost like your travel agent, if you have used it before. You write to us what you want to book, what feelings you want to experience, how much you want to spend and and when you want everything to happen. We then contact up to four different places to find a place that suits your wishes and needs perfectly.

"Can't I just search for everything myself on the web?"

Many people think about this. But one question, who comes up first when searching the internet? Those who spend the most money on marketing do not necessarily mean that they are the best in their field. Do you not think that it can be a local florist who is incredibly good but who has little IT knowledge? Also, if you are looking for "DJ Marbella", it is often you find the ones who have the most expensive prices who can afford to spend more money on SEO and great websites.

A wedding planner in Spain who lives in the area knows the locals. We go to local wedding fairs in Malaga and have personal face-to-face meetings with potential partners who can contribute to a wonderful wedding for Nordic wedding couples.

It's not just the place and time you have to keep in mind when planning a wedding, here we write the most common services that must be booked for a wedding in Spain:

place, photographer, video, drone, wedding ceremony, live music, chairs, flowers, catering for food and drink, bartenders for cocktails and open bar, wedding cake, candy bar, DJ, plates, glasses and cutlery, bus for guests, bridal car with flowers, hairdresser, make up artist, wedding dress, hotel, before and after party, fairy light, entertainment for the kids, speakers and microphone for speeches, photo booth, fireworks, time coordinator and much more.

How much does a wedding abroad cost?

It can be difficult to put a number on how much a wedding abroad will cost. On the other hand, we can simply say that you get a lot for your money compared to in the northern countries.

Is alcohol cheaper in Spain?

Actually, alcohol, wine and beer cost the same a fanta or coca cola in Spain. We have received requests for a non-alcoholic weddings, but the price for the wedding is still exactly the same.

How about a photographer, video and drone, what's the price?

We have photographers, video and drone for 3200 euros for a wedding in Spain. It really is a pretty good price! You might feel like a celebrity where 3 or 4 photographers buzz around you for a whole day, often more than 8 hours.

How much can it cost to have a wedding organizer abroad?

It would be a good idea to book a wedding planner when planning an abroad wedding. This person takes on all the coordination and the stress that can arise during the day. The better planned a wedding is, the less stress!

Experience your dream luxury wedding in Spain. Share your vision, and we'll deliver it flawlessly, offering exceptional value every step of the way.

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