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Covid-19 and weddings in Spain

We never dreamt of that we would write about the Coronavirus and weddings in Spain, but this is a topic that many people think about these days.

What to do with the wedding when affected by the Coronavirus? In Spain, several people have gotten the virus and been hospitalized. Many people infected explain that the symptons can be light and some doesn´t even notice that they are infected with the virus. On the other hand, it is not nice to be at a wedding in Spain if you feel scared of being infected with a virus and hospitalized. Or if you have serious illnesses or undergo cancer treatments. What should you know about the Coronavirus if you are going to get married abroad?

First, we all recommend having private insurance. Although the Spanish hospitals are good and certainly of the same standard as Scandinavian hospitals (this comes from a Norwegian who has been hospitalized several times in Spain), one can still feel scared because one cannot speak the language. Therefore, it is best to have private insurance so that you can either get English speaking doctors, or possibly that the insurance company covers travel to back home if you wish.

Today at this moment we are looking at three alternatives to how to proceed with the current situation:

1. Wait, don't make any decisions before 2 weeks prior to your wedding in Spain

2. Postpone you wedding in Spain to next year

3. Cancel and contact your insurance company for refund

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