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Tips for Wedding planning in Marbella

Being a wedding planner in Marbella is actually incredibly exciting! In fact, of the tasks of a wedding planner is to be present on the actual wedding day. This also means to find completely new places for celebration.

After several years, and a whole lot of driving around. We have found over 50 different places for weddings in Marbella! Some are incredibly beautiful, while other places have a lot of strict rules. Some fit and some does not fit much for a Scandinavian wedding in Marbella. Where are you dreaming of celebrating your wedding in Marbella? And is the place suitable for your checklist?

Tip 1 - culture differences that a wedding planner in Marbella must know

Being a wedding planner in Marbella means that you must know the culture and the Scandinavian traditions. Some of these traditions that a wedding planner in Marbella must think about are for example:

  • That you can be allowed to start the wedding at 16:00, there are many places you can only start from 20:00. Spaniards often eat dinner at 23:00, which is too late for Scandinavian weddings.

Also remember that there will be more speeches during the dinner. Spaniards often have no speeches, but only a presentation via film and projector at the very end of the day.

The speeches should not be disturbed with the waiters serving or talking meanwhile (Spanish can talk a little loud sometimes :))

Planning a wedding in Marbella

Before the big day, we make sure to go through all the details of the wedding in Marbella with all the vendors. There can quickly be up to 20 different suppliers who will work together for your wedding, so everything must be talked about carefully - not least, you must be absolutely sure that everyone understand what must be done at all times.

Want to know more tips on weddings in Marbella, Puerto Banus or Estepona?

Experience your dream luxury wedding in Spain. Share your vision, and we'll deliver it flawlessly, offering exceptional value every step of the way.

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