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Bohemian wedding in Malaga

In fact, we have almost lost count of how many wonderful weddings in Malaga we have been involved in. At least we have over 50 created weddings since the year of 2012.

A beautiful bohemian wedding in Malaga

On a beautiful day in September, a wedding in Malaga is celebrated. The style is bohemian lux, this means that the style is Bohemian, but not in an old-fashioned way. A bohemian lux style has a relaxed look, yet gives a special "wow" feeling.

The big wedding day

Finally came the big wedding day in Malaga, the ceremony started at 16:00 with a beautiful song where the bride went down the aisle with her dear dad. The groom waited almost completely without breathing by the flower arch under the palm trees. Several tears were shed and the celebration began with a glass of delicious and cold cava.

The surprise of the bohemian wedding in Malaga

The bride knows the groom very well, so she decides on a really beautiful surprise. Elvis himself got invited to sing a few songs together with the newlyweds. He jumps out of the restaurant and the guests gather around him with cheerful screams. The groom dances and enjoys every minute with his newest beloved wife.

The celebration of the wedding in Malaga continues

There were many speeches, lots of good food, and the guests enjoy the wedding in Malaga until 3 o'clock at night. For dinner, it was decided to serve small tapas. The staff walked around and served a few tapas per person, so you could decide for yourself what you wanted to eat.

It was everything from Cesar salad, patatas bravas and mini burgers. Untraditional perhaps? But very typically Spanish, so that one could fully enjoy the experience of the Spanish culture at lovely wedding in Malaga.

Inspiration and more questions for weddings in Malaga?

If you are wondering how much a wedding in Malaga will cost, contact us here and we will send over an example of how much a wedding can cost! Absolutely non-binding!

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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