Emma Luxury Weddings

Wedding planner in Spain

Your Scandinavian wedding planner in Spain! Since Emma has been living in Spain since 2012, she has found only the best suppliers so that we can create the best feeling of a luxury wedding on the Sun Coast.

Ever since the year 2012, Emma has loved every single moment to plan others' weddings in Spain.

It really was a dream coming true to become a wedding planner in Spain. After seeing a great need for wedding planners who spoke both Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish and English, Emma saw that she could really create top quality weddings through a good dialogue with everyone involved in each individual wedding.

Experience as a wedding planner in Spain since 2012

Ever since the year 2012 Emma started collecting a long list of the best suppliers who will work in your wedding in Spain.

Everything from photographers, restaurants, hotels, bakers, florists, decorators or even stylists. The key is for everyone to be greatly involved and work together in order to create a dream wedding in Spain.

The best prices from your wedding planner in Spain at the very best quality

The best quality has been achieved after several years of experience - but also at the best price. Emma Luxury Weddings is responsible for creating luxury weddings at a good price, top quality for those seeking a dream wedding in Spain.

Emma herself says:

"I do not sell luxury, I create it!".

See more of Emma's wedding fever life in Spain on Instagram here.

We would like you to contact us at Emma Luxury Weddings. This is so that we can have a chat about what your dream wedding in Spain will be like. We will adapt our services according to what you dream of. If we have a short chat online we can more easily understand each other and we are sure that we can find a way to create your dream luxury wedding in Spain!

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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