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Mina & Tomas`s

Fusion between the Netherlands and Iranian cultures sets the introduction for Mina and Thomas. Their wedding day came along, and it is always a special moment when entering the room of any bride just a few hours before the ceremony. Mina quickly rise from her chair and hugged me on her big day, this beautiful exotic woman has not only a big heart but also opens up to anyone in her life. This couple came with experience in the film industry and we made sure they would work together with an excellent team of photography and video with a drone for their wedding day. 

A Spanish castle in the inlands of Andalucia was chosen for their wedding venue in Marbella. This castle must be rented for the whole weekend in order to celebrate any weddings. Thomas was a good friend of the owner of the castle, making this venue a perfect fit for them as it had personal assurance for it to be as perfect as they wished for. Mina and Thomas brought their friends and families all over the world. Some stayed at the castle and others at rented villas nearby the venue. Extravagance is the word to define this stunning wedding. The ceremony was in the local catholic church only 5 minutes away from the castle. Two excellent singers practiced and preformed 3 of the favourite songs of Mina and Thomas during the ceremony. 

Taking their culture into the planning. Arabic drums were present when the couple came back from their private photography shoot. These Spanish performers came all the was from Seville to have a 15 minutes walk-in with the beautiful couple. In many countries, when the couple return to the wedding party after legally getting married, all guests are cheering, applauding and sharing their great joy with the couple and the other guests. Therefore this particularly entrance is seen as some of the most important moments of the wedding day. 

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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