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Julia & Camilo`s

Her being a beautiful Swedish bride with light blonde long hair, dark eyelashes and a maxi dress. Him being a south American handsome latino groom with a white smile. We met this couple and could see straight away them being crazy and passionate in love with each other. They both lived in South of Spain together, and having a baby on the way they were determined to get married straight after him being born. We started the planning in autumn, and the wedding was celebrated the end of July.

It took only a few photos and one visit before the couple fell in love with their perfect venue. A private garden no one had heard about. We know all the secret corners of Andalucia, and to be honest – we love working with new and upcoming restaurants and places. This private garden was once a bird park, making it perfectly surrounded by tall trees, creating a special atmosphere of being in a tropical forest. 

Julia and Camilo wished to match their style to the venue. They added the tropical details to the menu cards. They chose fresh tasting food as we thought about the temperature in late July for Spain. The pink colours were seen throughout the wedding, with both the wedding bouquet in pink and the chair ribbons in the same colour. They did not need to spend a lot of time on decorating this venue, as the nature had it all. On the tables they went for the standard decorations included in the menu price, to make it match and to blend it in with the beautiful atmosphere. 

Fresh lemonade was served to all guests upon arrival. A musician playing the guitar was welcoming everyone by the entrance, this creating a feeling of a luxurious wedding in Spain. Him taking the time to learn the couples favourite songs in order to represent them and to start celebrating their biggest day.

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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