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Ingvild & Christoffers`s

The day Ingvild and Christoffer contacted us was late October month. They wanted to celebrate their dream wedding in Spain just 7 months later during springtime in South of Spain. After only one meeting it was decided that the location of the wedding would be east for Malaga airport, in Nerja area. Most of our weddings in Spain have been in the area of Marbella, however Nerja is known for its rural areas, with big fields of Mango and Advocate and mountains surrounding these green fields. We quickly started the search of finding the perfect venue for Ingvild and Christoffer. 

It was important for the couple to find a wedding venue where they had no time limitation, and they could celebrate the big day as long as they wanted and start whenever they wanted. After a thorough investigation we found a rural Spanish Finca in the mountains of Torre del Mar. A special catering was booked to serve at their wedding and we brought white Tiffany chairs from a company in the same area. The catering provided with Spanish-Moroccan meals, where they prepared several dishes to share among 4-5 guests, we call it tapas in a wedding-ish manner! Music equipment was also rented in for the whole day so that the guests themselves could choose the music of their wishes. 

As many brides, Ingvild wished to use the already Andalusian charm present at the Finca they rented for the wedding in Spain. She brought herself a curtain that we hanged at the ceremony area and we ordered flowers to be placed naturally on the tables in order to fit the overall stunning views and area of this site.

At this wedding, the couple decided to purchase the drinks themselves. By doing this they got a better price from the catering, as the guests took the drinks they wanted from one big table and the waiters from the catering was only present to serve the food and clean the tables. 

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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