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Anniken & Ivar`s

Fun, energetic, honest and kind are some of the words to introduce Anniken and Ivar. This couple contacted us, dreaming of a wedding in Marbella for their family and friends to have the best party of their lives. We have worked with countless brides since start in 2012, but no bride has made us laugh more than Anniken and Ivar, as a couple they were finding humor and joy into any situation during the time we had the privilege to assist them with their wedding in Spain. 

A beach Club in Marbella was found to complete the priorities of an amazing party. However, as many other Beach Clubs it was not possible to start the ceremony before 20:00 o'clock. For most Nordic couples, this is very late as we often have dinner at 18:00. In order to solve this we found another beach restaurant just a 3 minutes walk from the original venue which was just perfect. First we could celebrate the promises they made to love each other, followed by tasty finger food and cold drinks and thereafter have a walk in the warm sand to where the main dinner and party would be. 

The ocean was 10 meters away from the where the amazing wedding was being celebrated. With such beautiful surroundings it was decided to enjoy fully the nature gorgeous views and invest less in other decorations. The bride brought fairy lights that were hanged around inside the restaurant in order to create a more intimate and warm feeling.

Since 2012 we had two weddings in Marbella on a rainy day. One in early May and on Anniken and Ivar`s day in early September. Between May and October in South of Spain it is very unlikely to experience rainy days. However, in September, due to the very warm month of August they say that the humidity in the clouds drop all at once, creating tropical rain, everything falling down at once but normally lasting only 1 to 2 hours.

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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