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Adriana & Mitch`s

Spain is the perfect place for two families and two cultures to meet. It is always shown to be in the middle of the world, easy to travel to wherever you are on the planet. Adriana and Mitch, the two stunning persons almost as they were taken out from a magazine and happy to be one of our couples getting married in Spain. Adriana being Swedish with her family living there with her, Mitch being Australian with his family travelling all the way from Australia. The wedding was a special day for them, as not only did they promise to be together for an eternity, also it was the big day where their families met for the first time in history. 

For both Adriana and Mitch, the ocean was a very important factor in their lives, as the waves were calling out for them letting them know that they were now on the same side of the ocean together and forever. A Beach Boutique hotel was chosen for the wedding venue. It was late July and the hot summer days had come to South of Spain. It was decided that the ceremony would be set indoors with air condition as it was to start as soon as 16:00. 

Adriana was in love with the golden details for her wedding in Spain. Gold, white and extravagance were features to be set into their chosen decorations. Letters forming the word “Love” was placed carefully by the dance floor, for everyone to see the absolute reason for them to join into marriage together. 

Live music was prioritized in the wedding of Adriana and Mitch. They kindly asked for their special songs to be played by our guitarist during the ceremony. Later, during the dinner we presented one of the best violinists in Marbella to play the latest and most popular songs. The wedding started with joy and this joy lasted the whole day of the wedding and is present within the couple still today as they just had their first baby.

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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