What you will get for choosing us as your wedding planner in Spain

  • Venue search for a wedding in Spain with at least 3 options
  • Visiting sites together with you or by sending you a personalized video if unable to visit before your wedding day in Spain
  • Venue booking
  • We work with wedding photographers of all different styles
  • Design board of your wedding decorations
  • Summary documents of details for your wedding in Spain
  • Personal budgeting and offical invoicing
  • Legal contract for your safety for your wedding in Spain
  • Timetable of the wedding day
  • Unlimited online meetings and e-mails
  • Full dedication to your wedding as we have limited bookings per year
  • Recommendations of hotels nearby venue
  • Our professional advice and recommendations with years of experience
  • We will be on site whole day of wedding
  • Communication in fluent Spanish with all vendors
  • Adaptability of our services depending on your needs
  • Discreet and professional service
  • Guest list coordination of your wedding in Spain
  • Transportation of you and your guests
  • Pre or post-parties to your wedding organized by your wedding planner in Spain

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Approximately budget for wedding in Spain of 30 guests

We are sharing with you some of the prices of having a romantic wedding celebration in Spain - but of course we will adapt to your wishes and circumstances! This specific budget is taken from one of the weddings we have organized as wedding planners in Spain, meaning it is from a specific venue and covered the wishes of one particular couple.

If you contact us we will create a personalized budget just for you to have full control and knowing exactly how much everything at your wedding in Spain will cost, and they will never be any hidden expences during your planning process. 

"Vi skapar lyxbröllop till ett överkomligt pris, du meddelar oss ditt drömbröllop i Spanien och vi garanterar att vi kommer att leverera precis som du alltid drömt om"

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