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Christine & Lukasz`s

The first email we received from Christine and Lukasz was to look for a venue that was intimate and child friendly. They wanted to invite 30 guests of their close family and friends. Both Christine and Lukasz has been for us one of the most easy going and calm couple we have had the pleasure to help with during the planning of their wedding in Malaga. They combined their wedding celebration with a short holiday together with the family, getting tanned and enjoying the sunny days of Spain.

Finding a child-friendly and beautiful venue that allows Nordic couple to start their celebration at 16:00 o'clock can be difficult for most. However, we have some of the best restaurants that we work with - collaborating fully in order to fit perfectly the wishes of each couple. Christine and Lukasz could start they big celebration early on their day, and by starting early they were all alone during the ceremony, cocktail hour and parts of the dinner. 

White, pink and romantic was the style Christine was looking for in her wedding in Malaga. We also ordered some white balloon to create the extra elegance for the wedding day. The wedding cake was fitting into this style and with real white flowers on top for the special touch. We have a very special cake lady, adding real butter to the wedding cake - making it even more yummy than it looks. For Nordic weddings, more acid and less sweet is important and we just love cakes with real raspberry filling. 

In Spain you can only get married legally by the church, and for Norwegian weddings the priests won't leave their churches to join couples into marriage. We often recommend getting the legal paperworks in order in your own home country, and on your special wedding day we have a wedding celebrant giving a romantic and teary blessing adapted to you personally.

"We create luxury wedding for affordable prices, you let us know your dream wedding in Spain and we guarantee we will deliver just as you always dreamt of"

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